Grossdeutschland Panther A, Italeri 1/35

You’ve really done well with that Italaeri Zimmerit. I tried it out on a Tamiya Panther - you could get it separately in a “Panzer Accessories” boxing, which also included various tools. As you say it turned out to be far too thick, but I didn’t really clock this until after it was on! Still got the left over bits somewhere…

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Thank you H. I bought that italeri accessory set as well, many years back. Still have those Zimmerit panels sitting in my spares stuff, unused. On some future panzer project, I may thin them down like here, then cut to fit and use where needed instead of doing the putty and Tamiya tool method as I usually have done in the past.


Builders often make the mistake regarding the thickness of the Zimmerit in the Italeri kits. According to Cookie Sewell, builders measure the width of the hull and announce that the Italeri hull measures too thin and that the Zimmerit needs to be thinned out. Mr. Sewell measured and found the Panther hull too narrow and that the Zimmerit should therefore be left alone and not be thinned. That would render the hull to be appropriately sized.


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I’m not concerned about the kit measurements, but more about the thickness appearance of the kit zimmerit pieces.


I’m merely commenting that according to Cookie Sewell, the thickness of the kit’s Zimmerit is designed into the kit to render the overall thickness appropriate.



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Hope this is OK to post, Reynier. If not let me know and I’ll remove it.

FWIW - Measured my sample of real WW2 Zimmerit was ~6 mm or about 1/4 inch (freedom units) thick.

In 1/35 that scales to about:
.007 inches (freedom units)
.17 mm

IIRC, treshhold of human vision is roughly .004 inches (freedom units) without magnification.

Scale zimmerit would be very very thin.


I may be wrong but I think what’s being said is thay the thickness of the zim sheets is not to be measured separately but as part of the overall dimensions meaning that what matters for accuracy is the size of the zim ridges on the sheets.


Yes, agreed. I just wanted to share detail of what scale zimmerit thickness would be.


Yes I understood that to be your point. And I do appreciate your comment. For some folks such things such as exact measurements are a deal breaker in the kit choices. But I’m pretty easy going in that respect. Hell when I bought this back in the 90’s, I wouldn’t have even bothered with thinning the zimmerit pieces and just been straight OOB. I’m fighting the urge now to replace the kit tracks… :wink:


That makes sense. But then when those parts are installed, it makes the side armor plates look quite a bit thicker :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’d replace them. The most inexpensive metal tracks I’ve found come from BNA in Australia. They also have the lowest shipping costs.


@BillM, no metal tracks for me… at least not on this one…

Now this one is my primary project again…

I had done some minor work on it in the meantime while I worked on other projects… I primed the top deck and later painted it all in Dark Yellow to get photo etch screens looking proper

Yesterday I began adding mud texture to the lower hull and bottom of the sponsons

and today I finished up paint the inner surfaces of the tracks prior to getting them installed

more to come in a few days…


Love that dirt,cant wait to see it all.


Thanks Tony. This one probably has at least 2-3 weeks of work ahead to get it where I want it without rushing thru.


Don’t rush it Carlos, your methodology is giving great results. This is turning out excellent.


Thanks Matt. I already missed the ending deadline for the GB that I started this for, so no rushing needed at this point.

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I heard that !!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@Tojo72, Tony, at this point for this build, I’m going slow and steady :turtle:

This afternoon I got the kit tracks made into their single piece loop and installed them. I drilled holes in the hull side to run pieces of music wire thru to hold down the top runs…

But I think that I’m gonna need to glue down the top run with epoxy or CA for a better look…


Yesterday I glued down the top run of the tracks onto the top of the road wheels to get a proper sag up there…
this morning I took a few photos

then I had to test fit the upper hull…

so far, so good…

now I’m in the middle of painting the AM resin periscopes that I had bought…

I’ve got to get the ones for the driver and bow gunner installed before I can close the hull up.


I’ve read that the tracks on a Panther are correctly adjusted for tension when the track is just kissing the top of the third roadwheel from the front at rest (not including sprocket).

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