Grossdeutschland Panther A, Italeri 1/35

something like this…

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Yes… I’ve just checked the Haynes Panther manual and it says just touching the SECOND roadwheel; it defines it as further tightening would lift the track off this wheel, so my memory was wrong. In fact your tank is correct. Just for the record, I’ve seen that photo many times and have often wondered where and when it was taken. I note the crewman is clearly SS, any idea of unit?


No idea, but I’ve seen a couple other photos from this series and to me they look like fresh out a factory. Perhaps the MAN works? My guess as for when would be spring 1944 by the dress and model of Panther. But this is nothing more than a guesstimate on my part.

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My main work on this over the past couple of days has been getting the periscopes painted up for installation. I have one more days work on that to do. When the paint was drying today I added the tow coupling bolts using some strip styrene and Academy “shave off” bolt heads. I also swapped out the kit jack for a better one from my spares bin.

As soon as I get the hull periscopes installed, I can get the hull closed up!


When panzer units started re-equipping with the Panther, I know some crewman were sent to the factories to help with assembly, which also gave them an insight into how their tanks were constructed and worked, which could only help with training crews on a completely new vehicle. Presumably he’s one of these.


Not sute if this of any interest, but I found one picture of the rear plate of zimmerited Grossdeutschland Panther from May 44. Picture for discussion purpose and credit to the book.


Today was the last little bits of work I needed to do before I get the hull all closed up… except one thing…

I got the periscopes and drivers vision block glued into place on the hull

and on the commander’s cupola

And for one last bit I glued the side skirts armor plates into place

tomorrow I’ll add the last bits of mud to the upper track run and inner faces of the side armor plates, then get the hull closed up.


Last night in the afternoon and evening I got the hull glued together

Then today I added all of the last bits… except the commander’s AA MG

Tomorrow I can start the painting and hopefully have this all wrapped up in a few more days. I’ll add the AA MG after paint and decals but before final weathering.


I’ve read the same. I’m very impressed with the result that you got with the vinyl tracks that Italeri provided with that kit. Great job! I also like the mud that you have sculpted!


@BillM, Thanks Bill. I was pleasantly surprised with getting those vinyl tracks to look this good myself. Every dog has his day.

Today was another day of good progress…

in the morning I airbrushed Dark Yellow onto all the previously bare tan plastic areas that needed the color…

then after letting that dry a few hours, I airbrushed on the Red Brown and Olive Green camouflage pattern colors

Next up is a gloss coat tomorrow to get this ready for decals…


Well, yesterday I got this gloss coated and today I applied the decals. They were not snuggling down into the zimmerit crevices with Micro Set and Micro Sol, so I had to hit them with a dose of Solvaset…

much better now… not much there, just tactical numbers, German crosses, and the divisional insignia…


Gotta love Solvaset! I have an old jar I treasure for just such emergencies. Sometimes the nut is hard enough to require a sledgehammer…

Nice looking Panther BTW!


Looks great in its camo

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Kit decals?

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@barkingdigger, the stuff needs a label, use only in case of decal emergencies as a last resort. I need a new bottle. I am literally down to a few drops worth… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

@Tojo72, thanks Tony. Not too much left to do now. :smirk:

@Invader, yes sir, kit decals. And this kit has been in my stash since it was a new release around 30 years ago, so I am happy to at least get them working… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You’ve done a really great job here Carlos. I mean everyone ( in their right mind ) loves a Panther…
Cam scheme came out sweet and very evenly balanced. Well done :+1:


Your camo looks fantastic Carlos and the decals turned out excellent. I agree, Solvaset should have a big red “Not For Amateurs” label.


Funny thing is, modern Solvaset is weak compared to the stuff from the 1970s-80s. That stuff was designed to work with those old, thick, kit decals they had back rhen.


My jar is maybe 30 years old…


So are most of my Humbrol paints; I think my “Authentic Colours” Olive Drab is even older!

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