Gun Crew Tamiya M40 Uniform Color?

They call for XF-51 which looks pretty dark to me, what do you think would be a good color for their uniforms.
Tamiya,Vallejo,Mission Models.Any thoughts ?

Thanks for any suggestions

Use it a a starter and lighten it. Uniforms get dirty colors fade. Many variables. No two uniforms are exactly alike even when issued at the same time. When I paint figures I make sure to vary the colors so that no two are exactly the same. Find something close and go from there. Good luck.

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Mostly depends on what year, or which uniforms. I’m not familiar with this particular kit, but here’s some painting hints: Guide to Painting

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Nice guide.
Thanks all,I will start with XF-51 and vary it.

Lighten XF-51 up quite a bit, maybe with XF-22 or XF-65. Those crew figures are wearing the HBT fatigues, which was made from an olive green cloth. When new, the stuff was more brownish green, but grayed out, losing the brown tones when washed and faded.

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