Gun motor carriage M-12 155MM

La conjoncture actuelle nous confine à la maison c’est le moment d’avancer sur les projets.
j’ai décidé de monter le vieux academy du M-12 155mm, il est truffé d’erreur qu’il va falloir corriger , il est créé sur le châssis du M-3 LEE.
Place aux photos plus parlantes que le blabla.

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Very nice!

That looks amazing! You captured the look of a well work vehicle in combat very well!

Very nice work Pascal - always good to see the Gunners at work. Well done.

Excellent job !


Fantastic scene- that mud looks extremely realistic and the whitewash on the M12 is fantastic- I particularly like the way you have given it a coat of dried and old dirt coming up from the bottom.

Fantastic work! :heart_eyes:

Beautiful !!!

thank you for your comments

Man that nails the cold wet miserable look. You can practically feel the weather just looking at that scene. Bravo!

Thank for comments.