Gun Truck Conv, Real Model

Bought an M54 gun truck conv.,Satans Li’L Angel , two years ago. The instructions say conv. is for an Italeri Kit, but doesn’t say which one. Supplier was little help, Said the AFV kit should work, but wasn’t sure. Anyone out there thats done this conv., HELP!

The kit was originally designed for the Italeri M923 or M925 5 ton kits since there was no M54 kit.
AFV Club’s M54A2 kit didn’t come out until 2018. It should work fine w/the AFV Club kit as the
original “Satan’s Li’L Angel” guntruck was on an M54 chassis. If it is the full conversion kit, you may have quite a few cab parts left over though.

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HeavyArty: Thanks for the fast reply, maybe now I can get on with this project.

If you build this kit please do a log on here! Im a big fan of Vietnam era gun trucks!