Gunner Joe

An older build:

This build went through pretty slick. Although, figure building and painting are not really my biggest attributes; I can safely say, I have improved a little since my last figure build. I am still working on getting better so please go easy . :slight_smile: The figure is from Live-Resin. I must say, this i my first figure and armory from them, and I must admit that their stuff is simply amazing. The detail in the figure and weaponry is phenomenal. If you have not bought anything from them, then I urge you to do so.

Now, I wanted something small, but would make an effective statement to the viewer. I wanted a theme that was just about β€˜being’. Now, I wanted to do a multi camo but I was not too successful in achieving the end result. I still need more practice. So I decided to leave the multicam design for next time. Hope you guys approve. Otherwise go right ahead and go to town on me. :slight_smile:


Hi Charles,

Another well worked vignette, I really like the addition of the crushed water bottle beneath his foot, lovely little detail, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


Thanks buddy.

Craking job!

Thank you kindly.

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I remember this one and it’s still a classic. That Live-Resin gunner figure is getting very hard to find outside of Live-Resin.

Thanks. Hard to find uh! I guess its straight to the horses mouth then, if we want to purchase anything from them. I need some rounds.

Love the truck section and your weathering is awesome

Thanks man. Glad you liked it.


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Thank you.