H-34 in IAF service

Trumpeter (ex-Gallery) has several versions of the H-34 in 1/48 scale and I’m sure they all have minor but important differences. My questions is whether anyone knows which one(s) would be appropriate for Israeli service in '67. I know Israel got some from the US and some from Germany, but I don’t know which would be which as far as the kits are concerned.

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Sounds like this is a question for Gino …


I’m not familiar with the availability of kits, but the US sourced examples operated by the IAF were CH-34As, the German ones H-34G-IIIs.

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This one had me stumped as well. Now that we know…

Italeri does both the H-34A and H-34G.III in 1/48.

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From what my reference book shows, the first 7 aircraft the Israelis received were S-58 and H-34A’s. After that they received 24 H-34G’s from Germany. The aircraft from Germany were part of German war reparations to Israel. Most the photos show aircraft with the later style strait landing gear. But the S-58 photos I saw had the bent leg landing gear. The S-58 aircraft that I looked at had the lower mounted “low stack” exhaust. while the H-34G’s had the higher mounted “high stack” flame dampening exhaust. The Israelis received the H-34G’s in 1962 and 1963. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, everyone! From your comments and what I can glean about the Trumpeter kits, the CH-34 US Army Rescue kit is an H-34A with the bent gear leg and low stack exhaust for the early aircraft they got from the US, while the original boxing of the H-34 US Marines has the straight leg and higher exhaust that would be suitable for the H-34G’s they got from Germany. At least, that’s my read on it.

Thanks again, I do love how helpful everyone is here!

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According to the instructions from the dedicated IsraDecals set, the first batch was civilian S-58’s. The instructions also include a few period pics :