H3 Models

Does anyone know anything about H3 Models? More specifically, I saw this kit on Hobby Easy:

But the kit is sold out. H3 Models doesn’t have it on their website. I contacted Hobby Easy, but haven’t received a response so far.

I’d really like to get this kit! I have the old Verlinden M-151 MUTT in 1/16 and I’m looking for suitable figures for it. SOL and H3 have 1/16 scale WWII figures for Jeeps, but I’d rather not try and rework WWII figures into suitable Vietnam era figures.


says its fpr pre order which makes it sound like its still to be released, make me wonder if Takom or someones got Mutt in development though. Hopefully so


Damn, somehow I missed the pre-order, or previously it didn’t have that option. Hobby Easy responded last night as well and told me to pre-order. They said the model should be in stock in about two weeks. So the problem is solved. Thanks!

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