Hamilton Haul 2023

A great spring tradition here in Ontario is the HeritageCon model show in Hamilton’s Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. This year’s show was the biggest ever, with more than 1000 kits on display! Of course, a model show wouldn’t be complete without a vendor’s room, and it’s not a surprise that I tucked into multiple helpings of old and interesting kits, as well as managing to find some newer and nicer ones as well!

Part of my yearly pilgrimage to Hamilton includes doing a hobby shop run in the area, so that helped with the count of kits procured, even if it wasn’t exactly what my wallet wanted to hear!

Check out this year’s score for an odd mix of new and old, advanced and bare-bones, Eastern and Western. When you’re done, there’s a poll so you can vote for your top two favourites – I’ll review the winner first!