Hangar Queen XII

Radek, thanks for the update. I will stay away from the celulose based lacquers. I will find colors that fit in my current stash. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info on the IBG kit. I did not know it was the trumpeter kit. I guess the trumpeter kit is fine - I have never build it, but seems to have decent reviews online.

The overall goal of this campaign is to get those birds off the shelf of doom and onto the completed shelf! Just post a pic of where the build is, and then finish her up, and show us how it turned out! Good luck and keep us posted!

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Jesper, you probably know it, but just in case - Hataka has also water-based acrylics (blue series for brush and red dedicated for airbrus) , but I cannot say anything about them. I haven’t used them, because for some unknown reason I really suck in spraying water acrylics …
As for IBG Trumpeter’s repack I think quality should be fine - it’s a 2015 kit after all. I found that Plasmo made this kit and published video on his channel, so we can review it while chewing :popcorn: :slight_smile:

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Radek, yes, know they also do acrylics. Often thinners from one acrylic line does not work with the other acrylic line, so hesitant to start up a brand new line. The Trumpeter kit looks nice. I will buy a small stack :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a little while since I’ve made an update on my P-47D. So here goes!

In my last update, I introduced a new product to my workbench, Mr. Paint Remover. This is a Mr. Hobby product (GSI, Gunze, etc.) and works like a charm. I’ve tried it on lacquers and acrylics and removes the paint leaving the plastic unmarred. I’ve also used it on clear, and the results are equally superb.

So armed with Q-tips (ear buds/cotton buds) I was able to remove the paint in about 45 minutes while getting my news and talking to the birds.

Apparently after six years and ten thousand miles of travel a toll had been taken on the bird, I’m hoping the interior is unaffected. There was a bit of repair needed, mostly some superglue and a little resqribbing. Afterwards I gave a primer coat of gloss black in preparation for the natural metal finish.

Had little more work to do, and then gave it another coat of gloss black. Next up will be the NMF work, till then have fun and keep on getting Queens done!


@john41492 OK, sounds good. I’ll see what I can accomplish. Thanks!

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Details painted and decals on. Getting closer to the finish line now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Jesper, that is one interesting bird! The crowd cheers!

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My shelf queen entry

This has been on the back burner for some years, as I am not a plane builder. But decided to give it a go

Some to follow shortly


Some more progress shots

Pre shade added

Starting the paint progress

First coat added



Looking Great, Gaz!

@SGTJKJ Nice progress on Horten, This is so interesting concept and looks so… Warhammer 40k-yish :slight_smile:

@john41492 Great recovery, I see that Mr paint remover works very well.

As for my PZLs … I’m calling them done. I didn’t go too much with weathering, just home-made oil wash + little dusting on bottom of both planes.
I must admit the undercarraige and engine cowlings were a nightmare to fit… still wheels are kind of out of convergence.

Nevertheless, I’m happy with result, especially they’re barely bigger than my hands :slight_smile:

Few pics of finished models:

It was fun to finally get on bench and finish something !

I wish you all good luck in finishing your builds and see you in next one :vulcan_salute:


Radek, thanks for the comment. It is a Weird WWII 1946 look to it. I am not sure I will use it in a strategy game.

Great builds on your part!

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Congratulations Radek! A fine finish, and they look great!!

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Finally finished

Camouflage added

Pin wash

Transfers added

Pin wash again and finished model


Gaz, great job on getting her done! Nothing like a flying tank, there’s more of them out there if you enjoy spreading your wings!

Nice progress, Gaz!

Great progress, Gaz. Ilyushin looks spot on!

@Cookie and @RadekZ - Excellent work!
@SGTJKJ - a little weird, but nevertheless interesting subject and a fine build!
Cheers mates!
Peter :raising_hand_man:


I am calling this one done. Happy to finally have it done after being in the box of shame for years :slightly_smiling_face:

It is a rough 1/48 scale plane in weird WWII 1946 style. Especially notice the load :smile::smile:

Looking forward to see more builds getting done.