Hannant's - buying from the US

Anyone from the US have experiences buying from Hannant’s in the UK? Recently?

I have never purchased from them. They have some things I want. Not sure what to expect. Looks like they have different prices for outside the UK (VAT deduction?).

And I guess not really a Hannant’s question but an international shipping question - is shipping fairly disrupted or kinda back to normalish these days?

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Hi Phil,

I’m in Edmonton Canada and buy from Hannant’s roughly 5 to 10 times per year. Been doing this for over 7 years. They calculate the shipping (of your choice) in your cart and do not add the “Value Added Tax” for USA and CDN orders. Usually takes about 2 weeks. If you have any questions they get back to you very quickly and are super accommodating.


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From my recent experience, shipping is still hosed up. I just received a package yesterday from China that was shipped on 30 OCT. I am waiting on a package from Germany that went out 27 Dec and has not hit the USPS system yet; still in transit. I don’t know about from GB, but I suspect it is taking forever as well.

I’m in NY and I 've been buying from them since 2000 and their service is excellent. Small packets ( decals, etch , small resin parts ) takes around 10 to 15 days , bigger items around 25 . The postage is reasonable , comparing the prices of the items here in the U S , specially for items that you will never see here . Usually starts at $15 and up.
Just got a shipment from them and it took 16 days , a few Xtradecals sheets and 3 AZ models Bf-109’s . Hope this helps, and hope you have a great / safe weekend ! Cheers, Tony

Its really crazy,I gave up trying to figure it out. I ordered 2 shipments from Hobby Link Japan , they both took 6 days to NY. But I order something for around 3 hours drive from my house and it takes 2 weeks. Go figure . Hope you and yours have a great/safe weekend. Tony

I agree with HGBARNES. They have a large inventory, are reliable, and have reasonable prices. Although with the f’d-up shipping, orders could take up to a month to arrive. None UK customers use the un-VAT price…several dollars less than the locals pay!
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I have ordered from them a dozen times. They have stuff you can’t find in the U.S. The shipping may be a little high, but its worth it.

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I buy from them regularly. I use their standard non-trackable shipping and usually it takes 10 days tho occasionally 14. I can’t comment on their customer service because I’ve never had a problem so haven’t needed to contact them

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