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Heavy Hobby, in cooperation with Amusing Hobby. offers a special kit of the Rutscher Panzerkleinzerstorer E -5

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When and where can someone get one of these?

Heavy Hobby products are available on Ebay. Haven’t seen anyone on-line shop selling them.

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Do you know the Ebay shop name or seller name? Not able to find them by looking for Heavy Hobby or Rutscher.


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I didn’t say that this particular kit was available on Ebay, just that Heavy Hobby products are available there. This kit has just been announced; I doubt it’s been released yet. If you searched on Ebay for Heavy Hobby I’m sure you found modelfactory123 selling their products. When this one is available I’m sure you will find it there.

If you interested - there are two resin add-ons for Rutcher kit


Heavy Hobby is setting up the distribution in USA, will inform once done.

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It is an cover of the package released by the manufacturer :stuck_out_tongue:

This kit is on Hobby Link Japan for pre-order for the price of 55.74 with an October release.

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Ouch, that is like double the kit price.

Thanks for the update.

It’s double the kit price since it is over double the kit. The kit retails for $20-25. Two Aber turned barrels would run about $15-20. Based on the latest 3D print upgrades from various manufacturers, the parts shown here would run in the $10-15 range plus another $20-25 for the tracks. And the bit of PE included (however needless it may be) is probably a $5-10 touch. So all told this amounts to $70-105. So I don’t think the price is out of line; if anything is a pretty good deal.

Fair points. For me and my project the ROI is not to my advantage on this project. I would like to upgrade the track but what I have to this point is good enough for me.

If the E-5 was my jam or just starting out then this set would probably be good for me.