Heller AMX 30 DCA turret

Anyone know if Heller re-used the DCA turret from their AMX-13 DCA in the AMX 30 version?

I want to mate the AMX-30 DCA turret with a newer AMX-13 hull. The Heller turrets look identical but in real life, the turrets were different.

I’m 99.9% sure Heller used the same turret. They used the AMX 30 hull for the Au-F1 which was wrong but that saved them to create a new mold.



I confirm; I’ve got both kits and already checked : Heller put the same 2 sprues for AMX-13 and AMX-30 DCA
It’s not totaly wrong :grinning:

AMX-13 DCA turret, designed by SAMM, is designed S401A. Equiped tardily with “Oeil Noir” radar (made by Dassault)
AMX-30 DCA turret, designed TG203A is equiped with “Oeil Vert” radar (made by Matra System, derivated from Roland radar system)
So it’s not the same turret BUT, S401A was tested on AMX-30 prototype :grin:

Concerning your project, you can use Heller AMX DCA sprue on AMX-13 hull.
But it need some works to update turret to recent standard.


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Olivier and Pierre,

Thanks for the information.

From my experience with Heller kits, I didn’t think they would change the spurs.



Thanks for the information.

I know Heller is fond of reusing sprues in multiple kits. I remember building the same kits in the 1970’s.

By the way, do you know if Azimut is completely out of business or just closed for COVID reasons?

I have some of their Algerian era figures and Jeep conversions. I was planning to get some additional kits & they ceased operations.



Thanks for the information.

I saw the AMX-13 DCA at Chars Francais while researching the AMX 13/F3 155mm SP howitzer.
The DCA turret looks like it would work with the Tamiya AMX-13 kit.

I have the Tamiya road wheels for my F3 project. Too bad the Tamiya hull doesn’t work with F3.

I think all Heller kits need some work to update them!

I recall building the same kits as a kid in the 1970’s.


Tom to my knowledge Azimut is active again. However the web store is still closed for some reason. You would have to phone them to place an order for the moment.



With my lack of proficiency in speaking French, that would be an interesting phone conversation. I could probably get a coffee and a croissant.

I did find someone, near Paris, on French eBay (eBay.fr) selling Azimut/ADV figures. I picked up a few Indochine/Algerie figures.

Too bad Azimut hasn’t started an eBay shop.

I was ordering from them for a couple of years regularly up until about 2 years ago. Their prices and shipping were very good if I recall correctly but then I ordered something from them and never heard from them. My credit card was never charged but they seemed to have just ceased operating. They had some great stuff especially the French stuff like from Algeria etc