Hello Kitmakers!

Hi Everybody! My name is Matt and I’ve been an Armorama member since 2005. I was the moderator of the Painting Forum. I like these new forums though! I am retired from the U.S. Army (Mechanized Infantry, TOW Master Gunner) and now work as a Fire Police officer in my small New England town. I live with my wife Tarra and my son Evan. We also have 4 grown daughters that are all married off, thank God! 3 Grandchildren so far. I finally this year claimed one of the empty bedrooms and built myself a studio where I get to spend lots of bench time. I also enjoy classic rock, concerts, Monty Python, history, Jeopardy, war movies, sci-fi, driving stock cars, driving real tanks, and target shooting. I’ve been building models for 50 years (I’m 57 now) and have a 500 kit stash on shelves in the basement. I swear I’ll get to them all. I head an AMPS Chapter and run Armorcon, an AMPS Regional show. Modeling and modeling friends are a huge part of my life. See you around!
Me 2


Hi again Matt, good to see you over here on the dark side lol… Hopefully more will follow… John

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Hey John good to see you here. We’ll lure them all over here. They don’t know the power…

Oops, I missed your introduction. Better late than never

Howdy, Matt.

Hi, David. You say we’re technical artists. You’re right. I call myself a miniatures artist if someone asks. We do a lot more than just “build models” these days.


I tend to swear at mine alot… Just about at the PE stage :rofl:

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When I’m working PE, the wife knows that if she hears “Yes!” come from my studio, it’s going along as a great day, but if she hears “Oh f**k!” all the way in the kitchen, there better be ice cream or pie for dessert!.. :rofl:

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I stole the idea of “technical artist” from a car modeller named Mike Flynn. The guy was a master. He was super detailing drag racing motors with some of the early resin, and PE parts, but most of his motor detail was made from scratch. One thing that was cool about Mike was that he would take the time, when I visited the shop, to teach me how to do what he was doing. He made it look so simple.