Hello Kitmakers!

Hi Everybody! My name is Matt and I’ve been an Armorama member since 2005. I was the moderator of the Painting Forum. I like these new forums though! I am retired from the U.S. Army (Mechanized Infantry, TOW Master Gunner) and now work as a Fire Police officer in my small New England town. I live with my wife Tarra and my son Evan. We also have 4 grown daughters that are all married off, thank God! 3 Grandchildren so far. I finally this year claimed one of the empty bedrooms and built myself a studio where I get to spend lots of bench time. I also enjoy classic rock, concerts, Monty Python, history, Jeopardy, war movies, sci-fi, driving stock cars, driving real tanks, and target shooting. I’ve been building models for 50 years (I’m 57 now) and have a 500 kit stash on shelves in the basement. I swear I’ll get to them all. I head an AMPS Chapter and run Armorcon, an AMPS Regional show. Modeling and modeling friends are a huge part of my life. See you around!
Me 2

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Hi again Matt, good to see you over here on the dark side lol… Hopefully more will follow… John

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Hey John good to see you here. We’ll lure them all over here. They don’t know the power…

Oops, I missed your introduction. Better late than never