Help for a part location

Hello, how is stored this part (in the buble on instructions) on a M1127 RV stryker with slat armor ?

The curved part comes around the antenna base. Once you place it that way you’ll see it has to extend out just far enough for the part with the pulley to be over the edge of the hull top.

This square bar is an obstacle so the original location shown by Trumpeter does not work.

Especially since assembly H seems to be in the way for the base se Eduard 36128


I would reposition part J49 onto the roof. The handle for the winch need to be removed or modified

You can delete the part for good. It´s the crane for loading and unloading the LRAS sensor. I never seen one attached to the truck over here. I hardly believe that anyone in the field need to put the LRAS down.

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Thank you, I will go for this way. :+1: