Help needed from auto noob

Hello everyone!
I need some advice and help.
My 1st car kit that I’ve bought is a revell promodeller 1969 dodge daytona.
I want to add detail, like tires and other items but I’m not sure where to look.
Also, would anyone have some other ideas on what I should detail, where the most “band for the buck” would be?

Hi Mark.

Welcome to the shiny side of our great hobby! I hope you share your build here, and you will certainly get plenty of advice from the AutoModeler team.

The most obvious place to add detail on your build is the engine bay. Good reference photos of your subject matter should be easy to find online, and you can use fine gauge wire and parts from the spares bin to trick out the empty spaces.
The underside could also use some electricals and hydraulics if you are planning to display the car on a mirror base or on a stand.
The interior is usually difficult to see into on the completed kit, unless it’s a ragtop, but you can get aftermarket seatbelts or scratchbuild them from foil or tape.

Hopefully this will help get you started.

Cheers, D