Help needed

Hi Guys, I need some decals to finish my M49 tanker. The kit “Flammable” decal tore and Im missing 2 M’s from it. (One and a half really, the other half is on the right side rear door already). The letters are 4mm tall and there’s not much on fleabay.

Can anyone assist or advise?

Also, Im correcting some issues on an Italeri M923, (replacing the M2 with a rolled up tarp e.g) and am wondering if the flashing roof beacon is period-correct for ODS?

When I was rebuilding my M49A2 a couple years ago, I found a German decal set from TL Modellbau that includes the “Flammable No Smoking…” markings in white, as well as black. It worked out perfectly.

The flashing beacon is correct for a vehicle stationed in Germany or Korea, or deployed from Germany in ODS. Both countries require military vehicles to have the beacon on them whenever they are on civilian roads/highways. Both have required them since at least the mid-'70s as well.

Thanks Gino, Ive found TL and ordered that sheet. The info on the roof beacon is really helpful too.