Help with AK colors

AK has hundreds of colors. I need help choosing some.
What colors would be currect for the following things.

Marine M48 in Vietnam
British Cromwell in 1944
M551 in Vietnam


Marine M48 in Vietnam - Bronze Green FS 34052. No AK Real Color shade
British Cromwell 1944 - Olive Drab S.C.C. 15 AK Real Color RC 037
M551 in Vietnam - Olive Drab 24087 AK Real Color RC025 or RC026(?)

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: i am ordering this week.

Is ac264 Bronze green not okay for the M48? I’m not 100% sure but I did notice AK had a bronze green

I can’t say, don’t know it. I’m only somewhat familiar with the AK Real Color line. It might be a match for FS 35042 Bronze Green.

Fair enough, I’m not either, I just noticed they did have a color in their “afv” range called bronze green

Yup. The Brits also used a Bronze Green during the Cold War, but I don’t know how close it is to the USMC shade, or which shade the AK color is close to.

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Can’t comment on Marine M48 or Cromwell, but saw many M551’s in Vietnam, they ran a gamut of colors from a very dark OD with a bit of a sheen to an OD very close to Khaki Drab that was dead flat. The sun and dust (which could be yellow or reddish depending on your AO) had it’s effects on the paint as well. It’s difficult to use a “wrong” OD for a Vietnam vehicle. Remember, some units had local “Papa San” painters do their vehicles (primarily M151’s and 3/4’s), and the color mix could vary a great deal.

Humm. That is interesting about the painters.

I have photo (somewhere) of 3/4 guys took into town (Cu Chi), locals did a great paint job but the vehicle was a very dark OD, almost black, color. Nobody seemed to care much about the color and the Vietnamese painters got the white stars, serial #'s, and unit codes right. Many softskins also had seat covers in varying colors, easier to dry after rain, and dirt cheap in the towns…