HELP! With BF-109 wheel bays

I have a Hasegawa 1/32 BF-109E. I know its an OLD kit, I was a teenager when it was Released. The wheel wells have no kind of detail at all and building with the landing gear up is not an option. I was looking on the internet and seen Cutting Edge makes resin wheel bay inserts. Really simple, just cut out and place inside the kits wheel bay. Problem is I cant find them for sale. I cant find them on eBay. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks.

I think Cutting Edge resin is long gone. Perhaps you could start with Aries or another and kind of adapt it.

Thanks I’ll try Aries I seen them on ebay. But was turned away by their cost. I guess Cutting Edge is gone. That explains why I couldn’t find their website.

Maybe Eduard has some Brassin parts? Don’t know, I’m not into 1/32. But it’s worth a look at their webside.

Not entirely…just the resin side that I see. Still some joy in selling decals. :roll_eyes:Fine Art of Decals -