Help with first resin conversion

Hi All

Im planning to build my first resin conversion and would appreciate any input.

I have the PSM two-tank and pump unit, the HF M936 Wrecker and RM M800 tractor.

I’ll be using Italeries M923 or their Hillbilly gun trucks and the AFV M54 as bases.

My question is, which one would you build as a starter?

If you have any experience with these I’d appreciate your input.

I’m also hoping to find Flammable and instruction-type decals for the PSM kit.


I think either one will be about the same level of work. Both PSM and Real Model do pretty good sets, so mox-nix. Which are you planning to use with each?

For flammable decals, there is a set by TL Modellbau that includes the “Flammable No Smoking…” markings in white, as well as black.

I used them on my M49A2 rebuild a few years ago. They were very nice.

As to the operationg placards, there are lots of generic placard sets available. I’m sure you could use something that looks like it goes. They are so small you can’t read them anyways. Check here at eBay for some.

There is a second possibility for truck warnings
Perfect Scale I think they’re a little bit closer to the original one on us military trucks.

Sounds like an interesting set of projects. I’m not familiar with either kit so can’t help there. One tool that’s invaluable working with resin parts for removing plugs etc is a hobby mini razor saw in my experience. If not already in the tool box, it’s well worth adding.

And of course wet sanding resin parts to keep that potentially hazardous pnasty dust down in the hobby area. And the appropriate dust mask.

Start with the PSM pump unit. It is the easiest of the three. PSM instructions are not the greatest so finding the TM for the pump unit might help you plus photos of the real thing.

For decals PSM makes really nice ones as already mentioned.

Thanks Gino I figured I’d either use an Italeri Big Foot or a spare Hillbilly gun truck for the pumper and the wrecker. AFV’s M54 should work for the tractor. Must find the dimensions for the floor joists on the pumper…

Those decals look neat and I see your point about the instruction notices. Reading the thread there seems to be a couple of options for decals. I’ll explore this further.

Your rebuild of the M49 is an impressive effort. I’m finishing mine in MM acrylic Sable. Great color, as you suggested - but I should have used their enamel. MM’s acrylic is horrible (uneven mixing, clogs my Badger 'brush, troublesome cleanup)

One question, for sand color vehicles was the canvas cab roof the same shade, or didi it vary? I’ve seen various renditions as well as no roof at all - this looks neat.

Thanks AB I bought a razor saw, sort of an Exacto handle with 3 serrated blades recently. I did consider using the spray booth for sanding and Ive got a decent A/P respirator.

Early on, sand vehicles had green tops for the cab and cargo bed. In the late '90s, sand tops (and 3-color NATO camo tops) started entering the supply system. These newer tops have more of a vinyl finish than the older green canvas tops. They can appear a bit shiny.

Vehicles w/o tops are mostly those that mount gun rings. You can’t get to the gun w/a top on the cab. I believe the fueler trucks were required to have tops on the cab due to the hazardous cargo . The top would protect the crew in case of spillage.

Thanks GTD. I’m leaning towards the pumper as a first try as "there are less bits ".

The decal thing should work out although the guy at MBK wasnt too knowledgeable about them.
I’ve started to gather pics of the pumper

These should help a bit.

63975700_gl_large_thumb 68562639_gl_large_thumb

Excellent thanks, NATO green it is. I’ll sign off now as Ive had a warning order for posting separate replies and not bunching them into one post.

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Many thanks!