HEMTT Marker Lights

Does anybody produce these Marker Lights in 1/35th scale…
I need loads of them for several IDF projects I am planning on doing.
Tried Shapeways with no luck. Probably too tiny to cast in resin effectively so I am looking for some 3D printed ones, if possible?
Cheers Guys.

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The only real alternative is the set from PSM.

Thanks for that info, Hermann. They are a possible option but I need about 26 Marker Lights per build! Looks like I am going to have to try and cast them up myself.
Once again, many thanks for your reply.

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Just a little +1 for you - a number of us have found that for the lens, a Molotow chrome pen finished with a layer of Tamiya Clear Orange or Clear Red yields great results.


This look good?

Yeah, MikeyBugs or I will be your best bet when it comes to custom 3D prints. Looks fairly easy to CAD and 3D print - can be printed in clear resin if desired.

Looks nice !

Would these be available somewhere ?

Shoot me a PM. I printed up about 42 already. They only take about 1 hour 30 minutes to print so they’re pretty easy to pump out.