Hetzer Commander 1945

My last Evolution figure. I started this when I started the Tamiya Hetzer. If anyone’s wondering why he’s wearing a mountain trooper’s cap, the idea was to do the Gebergsdivision version in the Tatra mountains but, that got shelved for a while until I get a bit more experience with vehicles. Anyway, that will probably get done sometime in the next 10 years so, for now, you’ll have to put up with this…

Don’t ask about the gravestone, I ran out of ideas and wanted to get it finished…


no, thats fine! i think it has great detail, and that the face looks a lot better than any of mine… :joy:

Nice! Is the figure box-stock, or did you make any modifications?

Great looking figure.

Thanks lads, the only real alteration was to use a Hornet head. I do this with all of my figures.

Excellent work.