Hey folks - Looking for old T-26 Sterling build

Hey folks

I came across the T-26 sterling 8x8 and i am hooked lol so i did what anyone would do and went straight to Google. Sadly i can’t see the pics here

I was hoping the gentleman might have the build somewhere else ?

Thanks for the help

That was 11 years ago when that thread started so if they didn’t come up in the search they may not be available anymore. If he posted them using a photo hosting service and closed the account the links will be dead.

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Answered while I was typing.

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Crap lol thanks bud i kinda figured lol

PhotoBucket …
was nice to begin with and then they tried to screw everyone …
Owned by Fox Media

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Try to get a copy of that book,
‘Sterling T26 Discovered: Analysis of Steve Hodges’ Amazing 8x8 12 Ton High Mobility Prototype’
by Tony Gibbs

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Ya i am planning to! Thank you sir

Yes, I used to use PB. I didn’t know if that was the service used here as I didn’t bother hovering over the dead image icons since that was all I needed to know they were kaput.

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