Hi, Just saying hi, wanted to just say 'HI' but need more words apparently

So figured best to say hello as I got such a warm response when asking for help with missing instructions and made to feel really welcome

Basically used to model a lot but life got in the way, been building again with covid so been building back my skills again, I do need new glasses however, 53 and I am taking my glasses OFF on small stuff :roll_eyes:

got plenty of models built but not fully painted yet. a few phone picks of my three current projects

none finished, working out how I want to weather them


You need to stretch “Hi” to at least ten characters these days! :grin:

Some interesting builds you have there…

Howdy! some nice builds going on there. Looking forward to seeing more of them.
COVID seems to have rekindled a lot of modelers who had taken a break (for years) or paused due to lack of motivation (my case). I’ve built more in the last year than I had in the previous 5 years!
Welcome and