Highlighting a modelers name/handle in a reply?

Now folks I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. I had to explain to a young lady that was helping me with my phone that it was not my fault that I was around when they were beta testing mud! I have seen replies on the site where the modeler being replied to name was highlighted, all the other talk leads to this, how do you do that? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, Joel.


Use the “ampersand” (shift-2) and you’ll get a drop-down list of all of the folks who have posted in that thread so far. Select the one you want, click that name, and it will pop up in your own post.

If on a smart phone just press @ when the touch screen keyboard is displayed and the list will appear allowing one to select the name.

Also even if someone hasn’t posted and you’d like to call their attention to the thread one can press @ and type a few letters of the person username. Example @ar which will cause Armor_Buff, Armorsmith, Armornovice etc names to appear. Then if you post using their name @Armor_Buff etc they will get a notification.

Oh great question and great answers.
I understand your pain with technology.
I feel like a monkey trying to use tools when it comes to figuring this stuff out.

Was this what you meant?

Also… @ = at sign ---- & = ampersand :wink:

Thank all of you gentlemen for your help! I tell phone people that “I can rebuild the engine in your car, but I can’t set the clock on my DVR!” Talk more soon, Joel.

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