Hms Vanguard 'Inspirations' By kelve Chen | Model Shipwrights

Day 8 and sadly a week of infamy will end tonight, but I am hoping in the new year to be able to do another one where I will be able to get an inspiration channel in the Kitmaker Network Discord channel, where I hope to get a few of the model ship builders in to the channel for chat and advice and maybe a week long build.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at
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Great build.

However, why does the text on the pictures state “King George V class”? Vanguard was a class of her own or at the very least a modified Lion class.

Morning Lottorio
I have messaged Kelve Chen to tell him that the Vanguard is a class on its own, however, he is a fantastic builder
Stay Safe Lottorio
All the best Adie

Adie, there is no complaint with the build beautifully done, it just niggles me when I see something this good let down by incorrect title and/or description. A very simple Google search would have provided the answer.

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Totally agree with you