Hobby Boss 1/32 Spitfire MkVb Trop Completed

This is my Hobby Boss Spitfire MkVb Trop, finished in the markings of Wing Commander Ian Gleed
My Hobby Boss 1/32 Spitfire MkVb Trop, in the markings of Wing Commander Ian Gleed, the finish touches and completed photos. Some are captioned. The model is out of the box except for:

  1. Yahu instrument panel.
  2. Barracuda control stick.
  3. Modified kit seat. A to-scale Barracuda seat would look lost in the over wide fuselage!
  4. HGW seat belts.
  5. Scratch-built Armour, to remove the headrest.
  6. Windscreen clear piece replaced with the Revell Mk IX kit piece to give a much better representation of the internally armoured piece that was actually used.
  7. The Revell kit rearview mirror was modified to a rectangular mirror.
  8. Quickboost resin door, with a separate crowbar.
  9. Quickboost resin exhausts.
  10. Tamiya VHF antenna from my Mk XVI kit, which didn’t require it as it had a post War whip antenna.
  11. Quickboost Resin Tailplane, to replace the kits odd fabric one side and alloy skin on the other parts!
    12.Wheel covers from my Tamiya Mk XVI kit.
  12. Scratch-built gear position indicators.
  13. All markings, including walkway and dashed lines on upper and lower wings, rank pennant and Figaro the cat personal emblem, painted on.
    Paints use MR.P throughout, weathered with Artis oil washes and AK watercolour pencils.!
    The build and painting processes can be seen here:

Building the Hobby Boss MkVb Trop.

Painting the camouflage.

Painting the markings.


Amazing work!!



Ditto! 100% amazing!

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Great to see the bird completed! I actually quite like the technique for the worn area on the wing root; subtle, but effective.



Yes, amazing work on that Spit, Mal! Thanks for showing.

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Beautiful build Mal, and excellent weathering. I will be referring back to your threads when I start my 1/32 Hasegawa Vb soon. Many thanks for sharing so many tips and techniques.

Cheers, D

Thanks, I had fun painting it :slight_smile:

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