Hobby Boss 1/48 Osprey Review | AeroScale

Quick unboxing and first impressions from Hobby Boss' new MV-22 Osprey. This is a long awaited release, coming two decades after Italeri's last attempt to represent this unique aircraft in quarter scale. Even though not in the perfect set, Hobby Boss does not disappoint with this release.

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Interesting review. I agree on most points. I think the price point is to high for what is provided and justified if they had provided a more robust pe and decal sheet, along with sitting for the troops in the cargo area.

Look forward to seeing what DN Models makes for this kit and hopefully they can be used on the Italeri kit.

I have this kit. First of all I’m very happy with the subject. But not everything is so sweet.
I agree with simplified wheel bays, but as very low sitting vehicle for many that may not be an issue.
Other thing I noticed immediately is some mismatch with sensors. I haven’t found any (ANY) photo or USMC carrying the radar dome along with warning sensors set around the cockpit and rear fuselage. That could suggest that it may be design cross-breed with USAF CV-22, but it would miss some other sensors carried by Air Force version. Not a big issue as just the radar dome positioning hole is to be filled up.
Interior although looks like an interesting options but require tons of scrarchbuild to make it usable. Double layer design (inner walls and exterior skin) doesn’t help a lot making everything heavy armor looking. A bit of disappointment is the side door, you need to cut it out by yourself, and with thick and hard plastic here it may be very tricky.
Marking scheme as mentioned in the review suggests two tone camouflage, while the standard one is three tone with the darkest one on the top surfaces and vertical stabilisers tips. Only the latter ones are shown in the color scheme.
I cannot say anything about dimensional and shape accuracy, hoping only that it is ok.