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Hobby Boss is set to release its 1/35 scale kit of the Israeli-made 8x8 armored personnel carrier introduced in 2016.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/hobby-boss-eitan-afv

Yes! i wanted to see this in 1/35 ever since it was released in the public eye. Good jo, HobbyBoss.

It was pointed out to me on FB that the box art and the kit HB displayed at an event depict a prototype vehicle during testing


There are some differences from the production vehicles, like the exhaust shape and size, the geometry of the lower part of the sides etc.

Here is a video of the production vehicles

and of course one can find photos of the vehicle deployed recently in the relative topic of the Forums.

And I am off to count more rivets elsewhereโ€ฆ :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


Nice! happy waiting!!!

Updating the kit to production version might be a job for Legend Production?

Firmly suspicious of at least a couple more of brands working on a kit of the beast :wink:

Back in Novemberโ€ฆ

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