Hobby Boss Jackal 1

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Currently working on the Jackal 1 from Hobby Boss and was just curious as to know-with the kits engineering-how in the world is there able to enough room for two infantry in the back and the spare wheel attached to the inner part of the door? Pics anyone?

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Tankograd have a publication on them

It is deceptively spacious inside, well I think so but I crewed CVR(T). Don’t forget it has a loadbed for bergens, farters, food etc. There will only be daysacks & weapons in the cabin and anything else wanted for immediate use, brew kit, cups and the like.

Thank Maximus nice pics. In the kit it has it where the spare tire hangs from the inside of the door do you happen to have any pics of this? I do have the Tankograd pub and have done Google searches but nothing shows up.

Not very many and the ones I do have, have the wheel cover on. Bear in mind also that Hobbyboss have the kits mixed up, what they have on the box as a Jackal 1 is actually a 2 and vice versa.
There’s some really good ref pics on the Recomonkey web page.

Opposite side showing ammo stowage

Wow thank you indeed!!! These are great pics for subject matter and reference. Thank you for this.

That should be in bold brightly-coloured type near the start of this thread for the benefit of any future readers: it’s not just the box title but the contents which are transposed (the box art matches the incorrectly-identified contents).



To tell the truth I haven’t looked that closely at the box contents. The kit is of an Afghan deployed version and would build into a reasonable version of that wagon. Modern wagons have differences to the front roll bar and have a Donaldson Top Spin air filtration system. Also the counter measures platform is different on more modern versions. Are there any other’s?