Hobby Boss Sam-2 missile colour of Egyptian deployed missiles?

Hi all
Got fed up waiting for Airfix to revisit their Sam-2 missile, So took out a mortgage for the Hobby Boss kit. A fist for me from this manufacturer.

I don’t trust the instructions for colour matching. Will Humbrol 147 enamel do? Should it be gloss or matt? Naturally the launcher is finished in ‘sand’.

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When we were in Egypt on Ex Bright Star ( 97 I think) we drove past loads of these sites in the desert near to El Alamein and down towards the Qattara depression. We couldnt take images as the Egyptian military were always a bit twitchy about that and always watching us, but by what I recall, they always looked like a dirty light grey or an off white sort of colour…

Sorry. And welcome to the forums as well… hope you get the correct answer and I’m sure we will all look forward to seeing the build when it happens.


Depending on the time frame you have a variety of camos to chose


Humbrol 147 is a viable option. If you use this color do it matt.


3,4 & 7 are really jogging my memory now …

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IIRC, silver is the color used on parade/inert/training rounds, not live missiles.