Hobby Fan Air Cat airboat Vietnam 1/35

If there is one thing I’m actually good at, it’s starting new projects with an already full bench.



The “driver” and M60 gunner came with the water base. The kneeling guy is an old Legend/Coree figure that I swapped out the helmet for a Bonnie hat. The remaining two are also Legend/Coree figures. They were a two figure set, I think it was called, “Get the *** out of here!” He is supposed to be dragging the wounded soldier but they worked well apart in this situation. Might have to put something under his head though.


I saw this kit on eBay along with some figures to compliment the air boat and I was wondering what this kit was like to build, we’re there any assembly issues?

If you’ve ever built something by Hobby Fan, I’d say it’s pretty typical for them:

-Amazing casting of delicate parts.
-Impossible to follow instructions.
-Difficult to located the exact part placement.

A lot of trial and error to figure out where things go and a couple times I had to rip some stuff back out. I couldn’t get the seat to attach properly with the delicate frame for it so it’s actually supported mostly by gluing the figure in place. With the mesh, I ended up tacking it in place and then dousing it with super glue, which also helped with the structural integrity of it all.

I’m always amazed that parts like this can be cast…and survive.


@Sherb I have some of their figures but I have never built any of their kits, so far anyway

I like the subject and I will definitely be following the build. Sherb, take it slow when cleaning that part.

As for Hobby Fan, their resin is superb. I built the M163 conversion with full interior and it was an amazing kit with all the tiny wiring done in resin, perfectly cast and with no bubbles.


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@Maki agreed. I’ve built (still haven’t painted) their M163, it’s a work of art with all that wiring.

Unfortunately, I did manage to break a tiny spot cleaning that frame up. It got covered up with the mesh though.

@Klaus-Adler there is a fairly low parts count for this set, if you’re up for a bit of a challenge it might be worth a try. There were a couple key pieces and once you got them in the right spot, everything else went into place fairly quickly.
If you’d like a can take a picture of the instructions.

@Sherb this is my M163, amazing kit, still not finished though: link

A question on the airboat… did I understand correctly, the boat does not come with the base and soldiers? The base and the soldiers are a separate kit?

Good luck with your build and keep us posted on the progress.


Yes, the base and two figures are a separate kit.

The base was actually pretty useful for holding the hull and freeing up a hand during the build.