HobbyBoss' BT-2 Completed Build

Since I was (and still am) waiting on my custom PE for the ST-26 project, I figured I’d do a nice quick build. Saw some pics of an interesting BT-2 paint scheme that I wanted to try ever since I got the kit.


Overall green but with the upper half of the turret white with a circle of green in the middle. I found three reference pictures of this scheme, but they all belong to versions the twin MG main armament. So I’m stretching historical accuracy a bit here, but that’s not much of an issue for me.

The kit went together well and does include the Christie style suspension. I did have a couple issues here and there, but it was mostly my fault, so can’t blame the kit.

Cleanup was only needed on the underside of the fenders. They had some ejector pin marks that were sitting proud making them easy to remove.

Only upgrade I did was add an aber barrel for the MG, as the kit supplied one is just two cylinders of plastic.

Other than that, not much to report, so enjoy the completed pics

Comments and crits welcome, though I am aware of the construction issues, like my wheels not all touching the ground, thought I could only pull that off with armored cars…


I think that it looks great.

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