HobbyBoss PE query

Hi folks, I’m about to start on a HobbyBoss CV90 which comes with some PE bits. I seem too recall some online chat about folding away from the mark rather than towards it…
Can anyone provide any insight/clarity.


Theyre creases. Fold into them.

I know that’s the norm, but something doesn’t “feel” right about folding in…:unamused:
I know that’s does it make much sense. :roll_eyes::thinking:

I fold in into the crease, I found it folds easier but it will most likely break if you try to bend the fold anymore. I found bending the other way, while harder to fold will make a semi stronger bend.
( Dont know if that makes sense…)

To th PO. If you take a piece of brass and scored a fold into it, it would make sense to fold into the gap left by the scoring.

I agree with you about how it behaves.

Thank all- It makes complete sense to do as you say - into the mark. I’ve done it and just doesnt look right. Forever onwards and sidewards … maybe its just me.

Nah, it ain’t just you.

You’re being told how it’s supposed to work in general but nothing about the specific set/kit you’re asking about.

I have had more than one situation over the years of photo etch parts where the scored line is clearly on the wrong side of the piece and you have to fold it ‘wrong’ for it to be right.

In fact the last one I think I remember dealing with it was a HobbyBoss kit.

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Thank you very much for that Ken. I thought I was being a numpty

Yes its not you Ken is 100% correct! :grin: