Hoth Attack - 1:12 scale

Hi All,

This was a commission piece for a mate and he wanted Luke to be fighting Imperials on Hoth.


AT-AT foot and Figures - are all from Hasbro and I just repainted and weathered the AT-AT foot/Luke display using Vallejo Paints. The rest of the figures I glued the joints and puttied them and then repainted and weathered them using Vallejo Paints.

Base - is high density foam cut to shape and then the figures/display were glued to the base and once dry I used spakfilla to make the snow.



That’s a well put together scene- great poses and you’ve finished the figures nicely too. The explosion is a beauty- how did you make it light up?

Another great looking build. At first I was not sold on the explosion but the last few photos sold me. :+1::+1:

Great scene. I used to enjoy your work on the one sixth warrior forum.

Love the chopped off hand lying in the snow!!

Hi All,

@Karl187 - Thanks so much mate and the explosion comes with the foot and Luke and has a light built into it already.

@Tank_1812 - thanks heaps buddy and I wasn’t either and told the client it wouldn’t look good but he wanted it and after I made it I had to eat my words LOL.

@Invader - Thanks mate and yeah it’s a pity I don’t do 1:6 scale as it got way to expensive and I still love going there and seeing what people are doing.

@Chepster - thanks so much mate.