How an Obsession with SAFETY Leads to Mental Illness & Tyranny - Academy of Ideas

Fighting for Freedom, by airbrushing Enamels, Lacquers & Acrylic-Lacquers since 1976 - wink.

On a serious note, I think that’s a fantastic video!


“Live fast, die young, and have a good looking corpse”
Willard Motley in his book ‘Knock on Any Door’ from 1947.

This image may not be the best illustration.
That which carries the most weight i.e. has the most importance will
push its side of the scale down. It would be OK if the hands were not
interfering. Now it looks as if the nefarious hands tries to make the
lightweight freedom more important than the heavyweight safety.
Remove the hands or swap the objects on the scale.


Too much freedom will allienate and kill you.
Too much safety will smother you and get you crushed.

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They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety’ - Ben Franklin


surprised YouTube hasn’t out right banned that channel. I can assure you they are shadow banning it though…
The BattleScale Collectica Show


There’s too much truth that offends the sensitive on that channel for it not to be in trouble on YouTube.


Maybe the sensitive haven’t discovered it yet?

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