How do you overcome time if you have to wait?

@Armor_Buff You are giving some great suggestions on top of the already made suggestions, which are also okay. Especially number 2 is interesting for me. Also the article did show me some great tips and suggestions, some of them I already apply. Others interesting to do and try.

@justsendit Thank you for your great ideas as well. The recording of things sounds interesting to me. Also making To do lists could be interesting to help me out with scale modeling related things. I’m experiencing that I need systems and administration. ‘Bureaucracy’ to keep everything going and hold everything together. It’s impossible to do without.
Research is another topic I’m trying out and explore, have a lot to learn on that topic as well.
The browsing part I’m planning to do more often, but didn’t come to that yet.
For the idea of the spreadsheet, I’m going to try to keep things simple to do simply one project at a time. At the same time a suggestion that was mentioned in the article of @Armor_Buff .

Thanks everyone for your great suggestions.

Aside from all of the above, if there’s something that I absolutely need to let cure and there’s nothing else I can work on in the mean time, I’ll down tools and walk away.

It’s good to get up from the bench, especially mine which is an ergonomic catastrophe. I also need to make a conscious effort not to rush things sometimes in my eagerness. Especially paint coats.

There’s always something to be done elsewhere in the house to occupy time. If there’s genuinely nothing else to do, or I only need a few minutes for something to set I’ve usually got a podcast or YouTube playing in the background while I work, so I’ll just veg and actually pay attention.

Most of the time, I to have a lot of things I can think of to do in other times. Thanks for sharing your story and suggestions. Greatly appreciated. :hugs: :+1:

Cleaning the airbrush. It’s a real PITA. I can’t figure out if it’s me or my gun. Some days it sprays like a dream and I’m happy. Then other days the gun goes on strike. I have no idea why. So for me drying times ain’t a real issue as the air gun takes forever to clean. A week ago I have a bad experience with my air brush. It’s been standing in the naughty corner ever since. And I’m building up the nerve to get it out and try again.


Primed last night. sanded a few spots and re-primed this AM then went to a funeral for a friends mother. Came home and mowed the lawn. Charged up the compressor so I can spray a color coat in the AM and when done I’ll weed whack the lawn. mask in the evening and spray a new color Monday morning etc.

@BGT I’m understanding how you are feeling. The spray guns I currently own aren’t bringing me much luck and pleasure to. It seems whenever I did disassamble to clean them, they just got out of service. And it seems I can’t get them to get working properly again. Considering that this is my third spray gun in total, that has more or less the same story attached to it. My reaction to this is going to a shop, Airbrush Services Almere to buy a proper spray gun. That hopefully does give the pleasure and the fun I want with my airbrushing sessions. Since my opinion is that airbrushing should be a lot of fun, not as it is now that I’m just irritated everytime there seems to be going something wrong. It just looks like I’m only trying to repair and try and fix problems.
I think that the bottom line of my story is, maybe consider to buy another, better spray gun? Or consider taking it to a shop and let it check and repair?
Hope you will get fun back to your airbrushing sessions, because I think that is the most important part of the hobby.

@steviecee As I can read you have enough things planned to burn some time while you have to ‘wait’ on something when you are scale modeling or airbrushing for the scale modeling. Do you have a lot of free or spare time to spend? That you are able to do all these things? Or are they just short things you do in a few minutes?
Unfortunately, I’m not always having that much time to spare to spend.
Most of the time, like today and earlier in the week. I’m feeling I have a shortage of time.
And that I’m always searching for some time to spare in order to spend it on some other thing I want to do.
Thank you for sharing your story.

I’m recently retired so I have time for everything I want to do. I am NOT buying a lot of new kits because I’ve realized that I probably have enough kits to last as long as I will. I’ll have to build 50 kits a year for 10 years to clear my stash

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You are wright then, you don’t need to buy any new kits in years or so if you have that many in your stash.
Where do you keep all those kits?

in a corner of my basement

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On a bit metal shelf in my room, and piled in a corner.


This is great to see how you are all storing your kit stashes.
I like it to see, is there a topic on this subject?
Maybe I will make one as well, as I’m interested in how others store their kits.
I’m not having much of a stash since I’m only building one modeling kit at a time.
And I’m liking it to buy just one kit at a time and get started on the project as soon as I possibly can.
While it is still new and ‘shiny’ with the shininess of new things have in my opinion.
Anyway, nice to see, thanks for sharing.

I continue reading my caraktère magazine or watch youtube (or daydream, I like doing that when I’m alone)

That is also a good suggestion, thank you.

This is how I got into having several models on the desk and work on all of them in parrallel. Like you, I am tryign to go back to one model at the time as I have half a dozen or so models in a half finished state and it takes me a heck of a time when I pick one up to figure out what I have to do next.

Still, I have two or three that I on the table work on, it’s just more efficient.