How many builds at once?

So, how many builds do you have going at one time. I was up to 6 and it was kinda bothering me, so I finished up 3. I’m sort of fine flipping between builds and it’s kind of efficient some times when I’m doing something on one build that needs a lot of rest time - drying time before masking, or before next weathering step or something. But part of me would really just like to be working on a single build. Curious about what others do?

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Phil, I was thinking about this a few days ago, and was at one point in the same situation you were. Since Jan I have signed up to 12 campaigns, and completed 6 kits. At one point I was up to 6 on the go and wasn’t really achieving much on any of them.

That’s when I just knuckled down and blitzed 3, then just concentrated on 2 at a time and left the others alone.

I’m now down to just 2, the build a photo campaign which I should have finished this week fingers crossed and will post finished pics here and on the old campaign forum. I am also still working on my Jolly Rogers Phantom which I lost a bit of mojo on as that 1/72 was just killing me. I almost chucked it at one stage, but couldn’t bring myself to do that in the end, so that’s getting sorted as well.
While your going to be reading this… Does it make sense for the mud mover campaign to start live here as opposed to the old site ? I’m going to be asking the same question about the Antique Antics campaign, Stryker, Miniart and 1st gulf war 30 year anniversary campaign… Surely it makes sense to start them all on this site now ?

One of the things that causes me to start something new is when I get hung on something. I kind got stuck on the Valentine build for the Lend Lease campaign because I’m dreading the tracks. You’re right, sometimes you just have to put your head down and keep moving.

I am not the mud-mover guy. But, I am the mini-art guy. I don’t quite understand what is going to happen to campaigns. I liked how that was a separate interface from the forums and was hoping that would stick around, but maybe not? Certainly, I’ll start that build thread here. I guess an editor can come along and pin it once the campaign is official…

Sorry about the mix up… I knew you were responsible for one of the upcoming campaigns.
That is also what’s concerning me a bit. I will start every campaign I’ve enlisted in, and if needed finish them here. It would be just nice to know where the best place to start them will be. As time goes on and I think sooner than later, this site is going to be getting used more and more and the old one left alone. I’m seeing more people jumping across daily now.

Ohhh… ummm… yeah about that…
All of them?

There are a few of us out there chronically enlisting in the Gettr Done, Shelf Queen, Hangar Queen campaigns and I’m one of them.

I have a terrible habit of starting kits and getting distracted by a shiny new thing… like a new kit… I’ve probably got another 20 kits all due to be finished… sometime…

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I have the dumb idea to build all 11 Pzkpfw III kits I have on-hand simultaneously next year.

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That’s 132 bogie wheels at once…insanity will set in so quickly. :woozy_face:

I used to have up to 4 kits going at once. Now I have cut that down to one kit at a time, start to finish. I actually finish more kits that way. Any time I have to wait for something to dry, I just put it aside and work on something else like tracks, painting tools, detail work, etc.

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I only do one at a time,unless one is a really big project then so I don’t get bored I will get another one going.

But I don’t like having a lot of projects going at once it reminds me too much of my job where multi tasking was the norm.With my hobby I just relax and do one at a time.

I have 6 builds in various stages on (and around) my hobby bench.

I usually work actively on only one but it happens quite often that my focus shifts- sort of “Feel like working on…”

I’m currently scratchbuilding the radiotruck R-142N Deymos I used to serve on 25 yrs ago (for
Johnnych01 Golden Memories Campaign) and I hope to finish it before I lay my hands on the Pneumonia Wagon(Gecko’s Open Top Bedford MWD)…


Since this year I have developed the routine of doing 1 shelfqueen for every new build, so a max. of 2 builds simultaneously. But I push myself to focus on one, get that finished and then move on to the next one. But sometimes you just have to indulge yourself and sniff some new plastic.
I also let go of the overfocus on details, accuracy, complexity etc. Took a few steps back and went more basic and old school. That way the fun in building was preserved too.

If you mean strictly builds, only one. Always. But if we consider painting & weathering as well, for which I am quite slow, then something between 2 and 6… depending on the moment.

In the past, I’ve had as many as six builds going at once. That didn’t work too well and ended up with half of them in the trash can.

What worked well for me is A) one model in the painting & weathering process and another kit in the basic building stage or B) The building for two models completed and alternating between them in the paint & weathering process. That worked great when both had the same basic color.

Typically I have 2 active that I toggle between and usually another 3-4 in varying stages of “paused”.

Got 3 on the go at the moment ,1/16 Panzer IV J late ,1/35 steel wheeled panther G with IR and a 1/35 marder III

Up to 15 or more, no joke, it’s maddening and sometimes I have to just put them all away and completely focus on one at a time

In straightforward terms: Too many :slight_smile: I don’t only have a shelf queen, I have the whole royal family on the shelf, and a number of dukes, lords and other nobility as well.

For some, it is more or less justified, like the MH-53 J fro which I can’t find the proper decals, or the MIG-29 from Academy where I can’t remove the ugly academy decals to replace them with some decent ones…

A dn I have six fouga magisters in progress, in an attemtp to make the whole “Red Devils” display team and …

And some poitn it became an obsession to kill the stash, and finish everything before buying anythign new; guess where that went :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But I have nearly finished a MIG-19, and an Eglish electric Lightning …

Not exactly sure how to count kits on the bench. I’ve got two current major builds on the table, was 3 till I finished one a couple of days ago. There’s a couple of cleanup builds going on, ancillary bits to finished projects. Think I have 5 stalled builds in the drawers next to the bench and 9 hanger queens around the room somewhere. :laughing: :wave:

Most I had was 4, and I really didn’t like it. When I have that much going it starts to become mental clutter for me, gotta remember where I’m at with everything, juggle between them all, etc… Right now I’m at 1 active and 1 that’s been paused long enough to be out of my mind. Might start another, simpler kit, but what I’m working on is keeping me plenty busy, and I haven’t lost interest yet.

I think the most I had actually being worked on was 4: 1 AFV, 1 aircraft, 1 ship, and 1 car. Now, I have nothing on the workbench. I had 2 I was working on, but my Tamiya GPA stalled due to paint problems and my AFV Club sIG 33 ended with PE failure. I am currently trying get my Modeling Mojo back, but it’s going to be a while.