How many models do you have on the bench?

Thats not sad at all,I do the same thing and im not sad about it,im not running an assembly line. :smile:


I’ve got to say, I don’t know how several of you can keep many projects going at one time :sweat: :sweat: My bench is a confused mess with one project :smile: I’ve tried doing two projects at once, but won’t do it again - I can’t keep things sorted out :roll_eyes: and I get tired with both projects :smile: But, I don’t have many shelf queens, just one big dio I have no interest in finishing - just too much time into it already, and now, it sits collecting dust.



Well, actualyy ON thre bench -1, Tamiya Horsch
but under it…?
2. AFV Club Scorpion- base coated, detail painting and weathering required
3. Tiger Models Leopard Revolution I - Main blocks of colour applied. Requiring touch up and then on to detail painting
4. ESCI LAV based NBCRV final weathering details requiredand then basing

Figures- stopped counting, but somewhere in the region of 11-12…
Hopefully get at least one put to bed before starting something else…maybe…