How The US Navy Could Have Intervened In The Yom Kippur War; And How They'd Have Tackled The Soviets

Carriers, airplanes :small_airplane: :airplane:, history, what if’s, outstanding video IMHO.

Phantoms, Intruders, Corsair II & Vigilantes etc

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Welp, I believe the US Navy is well involved now with Yom Kippur II.

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The irony.

The Navy is here to support evacuation of American assets in the Middle East. Once those embassies are totally evacuated and all assets have been removed, the US Navy is going to bugger off back where they came from in this Israelis mind. And in the minds of our military leadership

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Robert, I hope you and yours were unscathed by recent events.

Given the move towards isolation in the US, I think you may have a valid point unless Israel is under dire threat.

I also hope whatever signals intel etc on Hamas the US collects is being forwarded to the IDF.