How to link 1 to 6+ pictures

how do we link some pictures together to publish please

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The issue here is the trust level system (designed to make life difficult for spammers)
Once you are at trust level 1 you can add images to your posts as much as you like, right now you are limited to 1 (one) image.

"Get to trust level 1 by…
Entering at least 5 topics
Reading at least 30 posts
Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Users at trust level 1 can…

Use all core Discourse functions; all new user restrictions are removed
Send PMs
Upload images and attachments if enabled
Edit wiki posts
Flag posts
Mute other users


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thanks, I’m not a big contributor, so looks like I will be staying low then
tried to load a few pictures together and only one happened, then loaded one each in turn managed two others then on thurd !! told to delete last items.
think i have done more then 5. and read a lot.

Strange, you are at level 1 so you should be able to post images.
What size images did you try to post? In case size matters …

in the workbench one, my display cabinets. up loaded from phone.

Strange, other users at level 1 (basic user) have uploaded more than one image in a post and larger than yours or similar size. Your images in that topic were all below 2 MB
Any possibility of issues with data limits on your phone or in the mobile network?

Yeah the max files size to upload to the server is still at 4MB so if you have a high mega-pixel HD phone that is doing larger images (or RAW) then it will likely be too large to upload without resizing first. I think there should be some simple resizing apps out there though to get around that. Or just tone down your phone image settings to get slightly lower res images. 4MB is still huge for a single image.

I will ask the kids to look at my phone, not that good with teck stuff. more on the tools man.
the internet is a business line, the phone is a cat 62 unlimited !

Well if it’s the Pro model that has a 12MP camera and I looked it up that’s a 6MB file. :wink:

You can definitely configure them to reduce file size though.

thanks Jim, will try to find that bit, if not give to my son tomorrow at work.