How to Start New Group Builds / Campaigns

Campaigns / Group builds are in this forum. Read the guidelines.

(The link above is for this page fyi)

For group build questions or issues not related to an ongoing or completed campaign please use this area.

When proposing a new campaign please use the following as a guide.

  1. Create a new topic from the “Staging Area” sub-forum. This will give you some pre-formatted text to help guide you. In the end you should have something that looks like this template.


  1. After you have added the proposed name and description, use the gear icon (see above) to create an event that will gather people to the build and allow for easy reminders of the start and end dates as well as provide a list of the participants.

  1. You also have the option of creating a poll if there is an element of the campaign you are unsure of and would like to get the groups feedback on.


  1. Finally if there is a group build completion badge involved you have the option of posting a proposed badge. You can find more help on creating a badge here. The basic requirements are as follows:
  • image type: PNG
  • size: 128 x 128 pixels
  • transparent background if possible

About Badges
If you are going to propose a badge you are also accepting the responsibility for the group to gather a list of forum usernames to submit to the admin so he can do the bulk-award process. This process is a one-and-done thing. So by accepting this part of the task you will need to have this list ready on completion of the campaign.

Here are the steps in creating badges and submitting them for bulk award after the completion of the campaign.

  1. Create a badge. You can use this tutorial for help with that.
  2. When the campaign is complete, create a list of users using their username exactly as it appears in the forums. If the username is incorrect the badge award will not be accepted by the system during this automated process. The list can be in a text document or just in the email sent below.
  3. Send the .png badge file and the list of usernames to with the relevant information about the campaign.

What the end result should look like
Check out this Template Campaign for an idea on what your proposed group build should look like.

It tells me I need to add a campaign type tag. When I select on optional tags it gives me a search bar…

Hi Phil,
I know I already answered this for you in a different thread, but for the sake of anyone else reading this here is that info again.

When you are selecting a tag you need to start typing in a tag name to see suggestions. Once a matching tag appears below you will need to click on that tag text to get the tag to be added to the topic list. And once you have any tags set you will need to click the checkmark icon on the far left.


In regards to extensions, over the in the Micro Machines campaign, we’ve agreed on an extension of 4 weeks after the end date (32/5/22). Do we have to inform the admins of this in order to earn the badge who complete during the extension?