How to unload Panzer without ramp

Getting to heaven means a lot of exercise and aching legs; hell on the other hand, lets you sit on your butt and cruise in… hmmm…

aaannnnd the road there is paved with good intentions so it’s a smooth ride …

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Nowadays you can also fly in to the Trondheim airport, Vaernes, which is just across the river, Stjördalselva (Stjör Valley River), to the north.

There is also a hotel in the vicinity, Scandic Hell …

Thanks for the thoughts and laughs guys!
It think I will either go for this one:



Either way, it will be yet another challenge. Also I’ll have to clip the construction I’ll make in order to make it fit…

Just found this:

Nice picture. I have the callenge that my platform is not the same level as the wagon.

Neither here…

Some great videos there!

Ground level unloading, without a ramp, may be rough on the rail cars but it looks like both the tank and the railcar survived the ordeal and the railcar didn’t even come off the rails.

I’ve found the photo I was thinking of. It’s on page 127 of “Panzer Tactics” by Wolfgang Schneider. BTW if you have even a passing interest in WW2 German Panzer units, this book is recommended. It covers everything from unit movements, strategic and tactical, through Reconnaissance, Logistics and Maintenance to Life in a Tank. Some of the photos, of which there are hundreds, have appeared elsewhere, but many are new. The photo we are concerned with shows a Tiger E being loaded from ground level to a railway truck via a makeshift ramp fashioned from a mass of straw bales with tank tracks laid on top. The tank has Transportation Tracks fitted, so presumably the tracks it is driving over are the battle tracks, guides down.

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Ah the joys of rail head ops. An often overlooked area of military modeling.

It is not really suitable to my situation, but could you post this picture?

Sorry for the low quality (the scan’s not mine…)


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Merci @Frenchy , It turned out I have a e-book of this one…

Thank Goodness, they had a ramp (derelict flat car) for this reload:*

Portable end loading ramp from WWI:

Artwork from the book “Railways and War Before 1918” by D. Bishop & K. Davies – Published by Macmillan – Used here for discussion purposes ONLY.

and some thoughts:

Do the majority of “Armor” guys check out this “Railroading” portion of the KitMaker Network at least occasionally? Or does this area go mostly unnoticed by them? The lower readership numbers here in the Railroading Forum would seem to indicate they do not.

I feel somehow there should also possibly be a “Military Scale” (1/35th) RR Forum over there under the Armor Section in which to share all things Wartime and Armor related.

We have many manufactures participating in the subject: Trumpeter, Dragon, Commander Models, Sabre, and LZ Models to name but a few. It would seem that some sort of “cross-over” forum would be in order here to support our hobby suppliers and turn the Armor guys onto this Military portion of the overall subject called model railroading.


The Brits still use that system (pics taken during my tour in Bosnia, while in Zabreb, Kroatia, SFOR11)

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Some of us Armor Guys are also Railroading Guys! There - my dark secret is out… :grin:

I would guess many do not. I like to see all types of modeling, looking at the craftsmanship and techniques I might be able to use for my own projects one day or pass on to others.