How to unload Panzer without ramp

A model railroad is basically a big diorama with metal tracks and usually some electric stuff
a diorama is a small model railroad with or without tracks and usually with less complicated electric stuff

Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us :wink:

Well I am an Armor guy who was also into model railroading so all these “Military Scale” models interest me as well. I am just concerned from a information / awareness / communications standpoint that the Armor group may not even know this is going on over here and that is unfortunate.

Enjoying this thread. Interesting.

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Started with the construction of a beam ramp


not quite the full secret…


Pete, how did you know Gomez Addams was my role model? :grin:


After doing some comparison, I decided that the beams in version 1 were way out of scale.
So I got me some smaller beams and started a new. Since the info I got was rather sketchy there’s a fair amount of guessing, but I think it is a nice impression. The top layer will also be fastened in the same fashion als the lower beams, but only after painting…