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Inspirations from Aleksey Ulyanishchev and his vignette from Hue City, 1968. A scratch-built base and groundwork with stunning figure painting.

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i don’t get why the little boy is holding an M16, to me this doesn’t make sense to me, he’s more likely to be thought of as a VC. perhaps if he was holding something more innocent like a puppy but i find this figure distracting.

i would be interested in hearing from Vietnam Vets on their take on this.

They lost me at “Hoo” city.
See ya.

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I wondered as well, but there is an explanation provided in the video (see approx. time-stamp 2:11).
Here’s a screen-shot of the video’s photo reference.

Caption: (LON-1 Saigon, Jan. 6–CHILD’S PLAY–It’s only a toy, but this Saigon youngster shoulders his Christmas present like a professional soldier as he struts along a sidewalk. Modeled after the M16, the South Vietnamese army’s main weapon, it is one of the most often purchased toys in Saigon.
(AP Wirephoto Via Cable From London) 1973


so basically he has taken event that happened in Saigon and moved it to Hue. it still feels wrong, ive never seen kids standing idly by in what looks like a fire fight but that’s my tuppence worth.


I have to agree, with lead and shrapnel flying about I’m sure one of the Marines would have snatched him up and tucked him next to the wall, the scene seems unlikely, thought provoking in it’s irony but unlikely.

Cajun :crocodile:


Kid needs to “di-di mao”!