Hungary 1945

Good Morning!

The challenge was to accommodate all this good people onTamiya’s old Panzer IV. Figures from Stalingrad, Warriors, Tank and Evolution were used.

The base.

All together.

Thanks a lot!


That is a very nice diorama. Very well executed!


Outstanding work from top to bottom. Figures, vehicle and groundwork included !

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Great scene,captures the desperation


Thanks a lot, Golikell, JRutman and Tojo72!


That’s excellent work there Gelsen ! Love the tank and riders but the base is fantastic.

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Thank you very much, metalhead85!

I have these figures and a few more to do something similar, Panzer III, halftrack, etc, hope I can come close to your excellent diorama.

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Hy, Edward!
Just put your skills to work and something good will happen. I’d like to see this work.
Thanks for the words.

Did you do anything to enhance the figures (accentuate uniform wrinkles etc)? They look extraordinary!
Nice job all around!

Well, I use the very old school method to paint the figures (Verlinden mostly). The only exception is I’ve changed the enamel and oils for acryllic paints. But working the same way with the brushes.
Thanks for the comment.


Your painting is quite good! I was wondering if you also did any additional sculpting to enhance the figures.

Just a good cleaning work (mold seams) and in some cases I changed the heads to get better facial expressions. I have a good spare box for it with Hornet, Alpine, Rado and some others brands. They’re very useful.

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Beautiful work, really conveys the desperation they found themselves in, maybe early 1944? You’ve populated the vehicle nicely, not as simple as it may seem.
Anyhow, well done, especially your base and scratch building. :ok_hand:

Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

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DOH! My BAD! The title says it all! “Hungary1945” :laughing:
Great job Gelsen!

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Outstandingly well done!

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Strongarden and Wade,
thank you very much fellows! :+1: