Hypothetical M1A3 Abrams

With the Chieftain on his youtube channel talking about a Army/GDLS press release about the M1A3 in the works in favor of the M1A2 SEP V.4 and with the impending release of Amusing Hobby’s
Abrams X gives me Inspiration to do a kit bash of a M1A2 and a Abrams X to make a hypothetical M1A3

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Minor nit; the video was about what the Army did and didn’t say in their announcement about the M1E3, not the M1A3. He explicitly mentions that the Army stated that they were returning to the WWII-style nomenclature patterns (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XgM8bGnQhM for a detailed breakdown on how the nomenclature works). The M1E3 is an experimental or development modification of the M1; if/when it completes trials and is approved for production, it may be designated as the M1A3, M1A4, or something else, but it’s still an ‘E’ modification at this point. If they make samples with the same upgrades from M1A1 or M1A2 tanks, then they’d be M1A1E3 and M1A2E3, with a formal ‘A’ model number being determined at the completion of trials. Yes, it’s confusing. The Army found it so during WWII, and they created the systems.

I already know about that when the M1A2E3 is accepted for service it becomes the M1A3 my post wasnt about that its about building a hypothetical M1A3