I hate it when that happens

WNW Sopwith Pup with a mix of figures including one converted from a WWII Panzer officer.


a very interesting diorama, well done mate.



Great looking dio. The only thing that strikes me that the ground looks pretty undisturbed? You’d expect a deep rut where the plane skidded over the ground…

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Actually, the particular plane did not crash. It was flipped over in a strong breeze. While slightly damaged, it was quickly returned to service. The diorama is based on the photO on the base.


Ah, that explaines a lot … :rofl:

LOL! I love the guy standing in the great coat with the cup (Copper State Models figgy?)!

I can just imagine him thinking, “Yea, right… That’s what they all say.”

Tommy’s War, if I remember correctly.


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Love the 'tache on that guy with the mug! It looks like the guy with his hands in the air is desperately trying to talk his way out of reassignment to the trenches…

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Well now I’ve seen it all. This is delightful. Thank you.