I Love Kit M53

@Carl-W :: Good to see you on here, Carl!

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155mm gun UV cured and test-fit. Please excuse some dust that got on it:


It fits! I didn’t glue them yet - barrel just sitting on it:


Is the barrel hollow? I’m thinking of inserting a brass tube inside before hardening so it will maintain its shape.
I think the 8” barrel will be fine.

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Hi Mike,
Yes, it’s hollow. The opening is about 4mm.

As to the M55 barrel, we shall see…


A quick question for you, Mike. Do you plan to CAD one on your own, download my STL file then print, or purchase my 3D print?

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Ha! That was my first post ever! I have followed this site almost daily for many years, and have been a member for almost that long. I have been reluctant to post since there are so many knowledgeable contributors. I guess I have been a taker and not a giver :blush:

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I would probably download it from Cults since I have an account there. Of course I would have to get around to getting the ILK too. I was not interested in at first but after this thread I kind of want to do it.

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Don’t be too hard on yourself, Carl, but I do know that you have a lot of work that guys here would love to see.


Robin and Ryan, @Tank_1812
CADs for the replacement wheels are done. I realized that the tires were likely made by Firestone instead of US Royal so I changed the embossing:

I redid the rear after looking at a reference photo. Not that these details will show after assembly…:

Reference photos used - posted for the reference purposes only:

Photo courtesy of Chris Hughes (Toadman’s tank photos)