I ordered from the new Squadron mail order

I took a chance and ordered a Tamiya m48 Patton . All my other “go to sites” were out of stock . Squadron had it for $29.99 and FREE shipping , I ordered it and in three day I got it ( actually 2 1/2 ) . thats faster ( and FREE) than any other site ive used . . Im very happy with their service and will use them again. Give them a try . Im sure youll be pleased . THANK YOU SQUADRON !!!


That sounds like a great deal between the free shipping & delivery time ! Thanks for letting us know.

Ya, I too have done a few orders from them. More for nostalgia than anything else since I first walked into their shop(s) back in '70. So far so good.

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Sounds good Lou

I was very happy with the service Tony .

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I’ll have to look them I used to order from them all the time. I thought they closed again. I used to be on their mailing list.

I used to be on their mailing list and used them alot when i was stationed in Germany back in 93. Been using them since the 70s. I would drool over all the stuff in their catalogue.

You have to shop their site , their prices are pretty steep , even with free shipping . but there are a few "bargains " in there .